Why GoSan Hand Sanitizer Sachet? - GoSan Ayurvedic Hand ...- who can buy sanitizer sachets in india ,GoSan hand sanitizer sachet come in easy-to-use packaging. Small, and thin, they can be tucked in pockets of pants and purses easily. Also, they are single use. So, you can use a full sachet at a time. Just tear open the sachet and spill out the gel on your hand.Buy O Hand Sanitizer Sachet - 50 Sachets in 1 Pouch (Pack ...O' Hand Sanitizer Sachet is a new concept of sachets first time in India. NOW no need to carry bulky 50 / 100 ml sanitizer bottles - simply slip these neat sachets into your pocket/ wallet/purse and you can use them. O Hand Sanitizers give you not only germ protection but the "freshness" essence/scent used is the among the highest in the industry.