Super Fit Gloves Malaysia | Disposable Gloves Supplier in ...- thailand sanitizer gloves factory ,K & J Gloves Supply established in 1996. We are glove manufacturer and one of the leading safety disposable suppliers specialize in supply for all type Latex, Nitrile & Vinly disposable glove in brand Super Fit,disposable item; Such Examination Glove, Surgical Glove, Industrial Glove, Cleanroom Gloves , HDPE Glove ,mob cap , face mask , Cpe shoe cover and hdpe apron .Shun Thai Rubber Gloves Industry Public Company Limited.The factory is located in the Rayong province of eastern Thailand and has been and continues to be surrounded by thousands of acres of rubber tree plantations. With the advantage of having the natural latex materials in the vicinity and at hand, Shun Thai has built a reputation for greatness of quality in the gloves we produce.