Buy Hand Sanitizers in Malaysia September 2020- alcohol based sanitizer in the klang valley ,Brands like Dettol, Antabax, and Purell all offer alcohol-based sanitizer that can kill up to 99% of bacteria. On the other hand, alcohol-free hand sanitizers are less effective in eliminating germs. It contains quaternary ammonium compounds that can kill some microbes. This is a common formula in glitter and scented hand-sanitizers.Skin Care OEM Private Label Manufacturer Malaysia ...Biocoslab Manufacturing Sdn Bhd manufactures and distributes alcohol-based hand sanitizers and antiseptic liquid soap. Ingredient contains 73% alcohol and Kill 99.99% Bacteria and virus. Waterless (No-Rinse) Hand sanitizer Alcohol Gel dry fast and is not sticky. Safe and can be used with children. Manufactured with Food Grade alcohol.