Pool Treatment 101: Introduction To Chlorine Sanitizing- why use chlorine as a sanitizing agent ,Forms of chlorine commonly used in commercial pools. Pools are treated with chlorine gas, sodium hypochlorite (liquid bleach), calcium hypochlorite (granular or tablet), lithium hypochlorite or chlorinated isocyanurates. When any of these compounds contact water, they release hypochlorous acid (HOCl), the active sanitizing agent.Rationale and Considerations for Chlorine Use in Infection ...Rationale for use. Chlorine solutions (Cl 2, NaOCL, Ca[OCl] 2, ClO) have been used extensively as disinfectants and antiseptics since the 1800s 11. Guidance documents on use of these compounds for environmental and healthcare infection control in the context of the Ebola preparedness and response in the United States have recently been published 9.