10 Best Hand Sanitizer In India For 2020 - Buying Guide- which company has best hand sanitzers in india ,Hence, we have rounded a list of best hand sanitizers in India out there, ranked in no particular order. Most of the products are natural, alcohol-free, and safe for children. The hand sanitizers come packed in easy-to-use-containers making it suitable to carry it to office, school, and travel in your suitcase, backpack, and purse.10 Best Hand Sanitizers of India - Trending Hot Now10 Best Hand Sanitizers of India ... To guide our viewers to buy the best or suitable Hand sanitizer of India, ... Godrej Protekt Not Just Another Hand Sanitizer is a 0.125% Benzalkonium Chloride based sanitizer and the company claims that it protect the hands for 8 hours. But in our tests it works only for 2 hours.