How to Label Your Candles and Soaps for Sale- what other company make affordable hand soaps and candles ,Candles are popular light-makers that people can use to calm down and enjoy special scents. Similarly, soaps provide people with unique aromas and keep them clean. Chances are that if you're making candles or soap, you're making enough for your own family and then some. You may have even already started to branch out into selling your candles and soaps.Gorgeous Soap | Natural Handmade Goat Milk SoapHandmade Goat Milk Soap, Shampoos & Lotions for All Skin Types! handmade soap made the natural old-fashioned way created in small batches. All of our homemade soaps are hand cut and made with only the finest quality oils and botanicals becoming the best handmade natural soap made from the purest ingredients on Earth.