Hand Sanitizer | LifeKit by MTTS- specification of handsanatizar ,Research shows use of hand sanitizer can significantly decrease mortality. Approved by Ministry of Health, Vietnam (VNDP-HC-700-08-13) Pleasant perfumed smell, no strong chemical odour. Glycerin to prevent dry hands. Available as 400ml dispenser bottle and 10-20L bulk container. 1. 400ml Dispenser BottleTechnical Specification of Hand-SanitizerTechnical Specification of Hand-Sanitizer (DEVELOPED BY DEFENCE LABORATORY JODHPUR as per WHO Guideline) External use only (A) Materials specification Formulation 1 Formulation 2 1 Ethanol 96% 1 Isopropyl alcohol 99.8 % 2 Hydrogen peroxide 3% 2 Hydrogen peroxide 3% 3 Glycerol 98 % 3 Glycerol 98 % 4 Distilled water 4 Distilled water (B) Active ingredient in Hand-sanitizer