What to Do If You Can't Wear a Face Mask - The Mighty- mighty hand sanitizer company form maharashtra of mighty company ,It may be possible to reduce sensitivities if the feel of the mask on your face is the main issue: Look for sensory-friendly pre-made masks: Companies like SensaCalm have developed masks with the same fabrics as its other clothing; Look for sensory-friendly fabrics: If you know certain fabrics or features are comfortable in other clothing (like no seams) try to find (or make) a mask that meets ...Hand Sanitizers & Soaps - Sam's ClubHand sanitizer dispensers and dispenser refills: These janitorial solutions are often found in restaurants and commercial settings. The dispensers and refills work like hand soap dispensers and refills, but provide a waterless solution for hand personal care. Some dispensers offer foam hand sanitizer instead of the typical hand sanitizer gel.