Step-by-Step How To Make Aloe Vera Soap Recipe? | Aloe ...- make liquid hand soap aloe vera ,Make Aloe Vera Soap Recipe One Ingredients: To make homemade aloe vera soap we need: Olive oil (404 gr.) Demineralized water (206 gr.) Refined palm oil (170 gr.) Sodium hydroxide, also known as lye and caustic soda (103 gr.) Coconut oil (126 gr.) Aloe vera gel (60 gr.) Corn oil (41 gr.) Vegetable stearic acid (32 gr.)Aloe Vera Soap Recipe - Basic SoapmakingFor this aloe vera soap recipe we have replaced the water with aloe vera gel juice and cucumber puree. Please note that the aloe vera gel juice does not really look like gel, it is very much a liquid like water type. There are other products called aloe vera gels that add a gelling agent. I used the raw material.