20 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands In India [Updated Aug]- list of indian branded companies making hand sanitizer ,12. Khadi Pure Herbal hand sanitizer. The brand is popular for handmade herbals products such as shampoos, soaps, and skincare products. Khadi Pure Herbal hand sanitizer is available in 50ml bottles. It is also an affordable choice for Hand sanitizer brands in India. Khadi Hand sanitizer is available in 50 ml bottle.List of Top 10 Best Hand Sanitizer Brands in India | brandyuvaThis brand is present in the market from last 80 years and is manufacturing consumer hygiene products. They produce antiseptic creams, hand sanitizer, hand wash, soap, kitchen gels and much more. The hand sanitizers are quite affordable and handy. _____ 3. Germ X . This brand of hand sanitizer is manufactured by Vi-John Inc.