Hand Sanitiser NZ - Happy Hands- happy hands sanitizer company ,Happy Hands is made with love in New Zealand. Guaranteed to make your hands happy with a combination of Aloe Vera and glycerin to actively soften hands. Happy Hands uses high strength 70% ethanol base for the happiest sanitised hands! Pocket/handbag sized 30ml bottle with a childproof cap -more sizes available soon. In stock and ready to ship.Happy Hands Hand Sanitiser Alcohol 500ml | OfficeMax NZFormulated with 70% alcohol by volume, Happy Handy Hands is an instant hand sanitiser powerful enough to sanitise your hands by killing 99.9% of all germs. This non-coloured, clear sanitiser is supplied in a 500ml refill bottle that is handy for either adding your own pump to or for topping up an existing pump bottle for easy dispensing.