Temperature Screening Kiosk with Hand Sanitizer and ...- contactless hand sanitizer with display distributorship ,Sensor-based contactless hand sanitizer with integrated notifications when a refill is needed Locked storage cabinet holds 2 Gallon-sized jugs of liquid sanitizer for secure access and easy refills Cost-effectively deploy these stations to all entrances and public spaces using exciting digital content to drive usageTop Suppliers and Manufacturers of Hand Sanitizer in the USAKAS Direct, in San Francisco, CA, manufactures Babyganics TM hand sanitizer, sunscreen, wipes, laundry and bath products, toothpaste, diapers, and cleaners. Top Suppliers of Hand Sanitizer on Thomasnet.com. Table 2 ranks the top suppliers of hand sanitizer on Thomasnet.com by annual sales in millions of U.S. dollars.