Alcohol-Based Handrubs - Hand Hygiene Australia- alcohol based hand rub in bangladesh ,Alcohol-based handrub is the hand hygiene product of choice. Alcohol-based handrub is the gold standard of care for hand hygiene practice in healthcare settings, whereas handwashing is reserved for situations when hands are visibly soiled, or when gloves have not been worn in the care of a patient with C. difficile.. Alcohol-based handrub is the hand hygiene product of choice for all standard ...WHO | Alcohol-Based Handrub Risks/HazardsAlcohol-Based Handrub Risks/Hazards Q: Will over-use of alcohol-based handrubs result in resistance? A: Unlike other antiseptics and antibiotics, there is no reported or likely resistance to alcohol-based handrubs. Indeed, the more it is appropriately used, the less antibiotic-resistant bacteria are able to spread.