Hand Sanitisers and Alcohol Based Hand Sprays- 70 alcohol hand sanitizer for sale in cape town ,The CDC (Centre For Disease Control) in the United States recommends a minimum of 60% Ethanol or 60% Alcohol containing hand sanitiser to disinfect against possible viral and bacterial infections, under our Kool-a-Chem hand sanitiser brand we either use 65% Ethanol concentration with our gel or 80% with our strong Hand Sanitiser to make sure ...Hand Sanitizer Dispensers - Green HygieneThis SABS approved Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer proves to be a cost effective solution for sanitizing ones hands. Its quick drying and leaves the users hands sanitized in no time at all. Each refill gives 2000 shots of vaporized hand sanitizer liquid.The refill is hygienically sealed to prevent leaking as well as evaporation of the liquid.