About AoGrand Gloup

Since 2000,at the beginning of the new century(2000), AoGrand Group founded Jiangsu AoGrand Group Inc. Located in Nanjing, the capital of ten dynasties in Chinese history, facing the vast. East China Sea, we have great vision and aspirations. Based on the effort of all our staffs,and thanks to the loyal retailers & consumers, AoGrand gained a rapid development in the past decade.

After 20 years’development, the comp;any now owns a daily use chemical factory that covers over 70,000m² include mosquito coils factory, aerosols factory, soaps factory, detergent factory, paper products factory. And hold a washing powder detergent factory and a baby diaper factory.

Nanjing AoGrand International Trade Corp., is affiliated to Jiangsu AoGrand Group Inc., which located in Nanjing, the capital dynasties in Chinese history, facing the vast East China Sea. The parent company is founded at Apr., 2000, a professional factory mainly in mosquito series products, washing products, paper production and selling.

AoGrand Team
  • Disinfectant

    alcohol hand sanitizer

    alcohol disinfectant

    bleach cleaner disinfectant


    Alcohol is not recommended for sterilizing medical and surgical materials principally because they lack sporicidal action and they cannot penetrate protein-rich materials. Alcohol is flammable and consequently must be stored in a cool and well-ventilated area. It evaporate rapidly, making extended exposure time difficult to achieve unless the items are immersed.

  • Washing Powders

    washing powder

    soap powder

    blue washing powder

    Washing Powders

    CAUTION 1. Wash white items and coloured items separately. 2. Use gloves for ultra sensitive hands. 3. Store in cool dry place. 4. Keep out of reach of children and animals. 5. If swallowed, induce vomiting, and consult a medical practitioner. 6. If it or gets in eyes, rinse thoroughly with water and consult a medical practitioner.

  • Soaps

    toilet soap

    antibacterial soap

    laundry soap


    All our soaps are vegetable oil based. We don't use any animal fats in our soap, they are vegan. Only high quality oils are used. We make them scented with only essential oils, no synthetic oils are used. They retain all the glycerin. Not only do they smell great but they also lather up nicely and moisturize people's skin.

  • Aerosols

    all purpose cleaner

    foam cleaner

    shaving foam&gel


    AOGRAND was founded in 2000. Its headquarter is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties in China. At present, the group's subsidiaries include 9 companies including Jiangsu Aoguang Daily Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Nanjing Aoguang International Trade Co., Ltd., and Nanjing Guangda Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Anti-mosquito

    mosquito coil

    non smoke coils

    mosquito repellent liquid


    STOCK AND TRANSPORTATION 1.Stock in the dryness and ventilated place. Do not put in the place more than 50℃ or in humidity. 2.Do not put together with food, drink, seed, foodstuff, flammability and explosive staffs, etc. 3.Keep away from children. Keep away from fire. 4.Avoid sun radiation directly and raining, take care to pick up and down.